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Piatra Craiului Trips

What is the legend behind the name of Piatra Craiului area

Piatra Craiului Mountains exert a special fascination among tourists from all over the world. A lot of them choose to go on different Piatra Craiului Trips, especially during summer. But few know that behind its name, the mountain hides a legend. Have you ever wondered what the story of this area is?

Legend has it that a long time ago the people of these places were ruled by a much loved and respected king who was called Măritul. (“The Great One”) Now that he was old and had no children, he decided to choose an heir to the throne himself to avoid fighting after his death. To this end, he organises a contest in which young men from all over the country compete in tests of physical fitness and wisdom.

How a humble sheperd became a king

There lived a strong-willed shepherd named Braduț in a mountain sheepfold. Hearing of the competition for the throne of the Great One, the shepherd’s companions urge him to go and try his luck. Once in the city of the king, Bradut proves to be the most skilful fighter. Next came a test in which the competitors had to climb the winding mountain paths as fast as possible to the Great Stone in the distance. Brăduț didn’t even wait to rest and set off the very next morning. On the trails he was untracked. When he reached the top, he ate some of the rock’s delicacies and rested under a fir tree, enjoying the beauty of the place.

Piatra Craiului TripsAfter passing all the physical tests, the hardest test follows. Bradut is taken to the courtroom where he must solve the people’s problems and bring justice. Here he is confronted with a riddle. Three brothers are at war because they have inherited three chests: one with gold, one with bones and one with earth. The son-in-law does them justice by explaining that their father left one of them the money he had saved, another the animals and the last the land. After the fair judgement of the farmer there is a great celebration and Braduț becomes the new local king. Since then, the mountain, on whose paths Braduț climbed, has been called Piatra Craiului in honour of the shepherd who, thanks to his merit and wisdom, became the “Crai”. (“The Prince”).

Many travellers don’t know about this legend, but the ones that choose one of our customized Piatra Craiului Trips certainly find out about it.

Enjoy many Piatra Craiului Trips

The area is filled with tourists, especially in the summertime. Many of them choose different Piatra Craiului Trips on their own, but some like to take a guided tour instead. The benefits? You just need to simply enjoy the views and the guide takes care of the rest. You will be notified when the best days are to visit, depending on the weather at the top. Also, the paths taken will not be dangerous and you will certainly not get lost. You will be told how to prepare, what to take with you and what to leave at home. Most importantly, you will come to know many plants, trees and animals that you may encounter on the way. If you would like to find out more, please feel free to contact us.

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